How to Add an Azure AD App Link to the Bot

This guide will walk you through adding a direct link to your Moveworks bot in your Azure AD MyApps portal.

  • Please note that you must be a AAD Global Administrator to perform these changes in your environment.
  • Furthermore, your Moveworks Customer Success team can help with constructing the deep link to the bot, as well as sharing the avatar image file.


How to

  1. Login to as an AAD Global Administrator. Navigate to Azure Active Directory using the upper left hamburger menu.
  1. Navigate on the menu to the left to Enterprise applications. (You can also get this view with this direct link:

  2. Click + New application.

  3. Click + Create your own application. Name the bot (this will be the default name for the application that users will see).

  4. Click Single sign-on on the left, and click Linked.

  5. Enter the deep link to your bot in the Sign on URL box and click Save.

  6. Click Properties, note that changing the application’s name does change the name of the app as shown to users, which can take up to 30 minutes to propagate.

  7. Change the Logo and enter your bot avatar. Note that it must be 215x215 pixels in size.

  8. User assignment required? - Can be set to your preference.

  9. Visible to users - MUST be set to “Yes”.

  10. Finally assign the app to your company. Here I’ve assigned it to two specific users, but it is recommended that the admin assign it to a group representing ALL USERS.

  11. Give the system a few minutes to propagate the changes and the app should appear in

  12. Clicking the icon should lead the user to the bot in chat (it sometimes takes about 30 seconds to process the first launch.