Apps & Services

EXI’s Apps & Services feature enables users to measure the service experience for any application or service, such as Zoom, Wi-Fi, Networking, and VDI, among others. Users can see high-level trends in issue volume, time to resolution (TTR), and the distribution of TTR.

And, because it uses NLU to detect apps in your org, you don’t need a clear configuration item database setup.

You can filter the service experience insights by two primary attributes: entities and time period. The date filters are in relation to the created timestamp of the tickets, so filtering for June 2023 will show all tickets created in June 2023, not all tickets resolved.

From there, you can further refine filtering with configured filters. Some examples are: Issue Type, TTR, Country Code, Role, Tenure, Contact Type, and Ticket Type.

You can also view how these issues are doing over time with the graphs above.

AI Summary

EXI’s AI Summary feature identifies key themes or topics within a select group of tickets by clustering and summarizing them using large language models (LLMs). EXI can automatically analyze tickets using LLMs and highlight the most important topics for users to focus on within an Intent-Entity category or a chosen app or service.

For each topic, users can:

  • View impact metrics such as the number of tickets, number of employees impacted, issues per employee and time to resolution.
  • View all tickets corresponding to a particular topic in the side panel.
  • Export tickets for any topic using the side panel.

How do I access AI Summary?

To access EXI’s AI Summary feature, navigate to the Apps & Services module in EXI. Next, pick an application and apply the required filters. Lastly, click on the Generate Insights button.