Moveworks Setup - Alerts

What are Alerts?

The Alerts module in Moveworks serves as a critical tool for monitoring the system's health. It provides timely notifications when a bot skill malfunctions or a configuration error occurs. In a reactive fashion, these alerts are triggered post-detection of any issues within the bot configuration or data ingestion.

How to navigate?

  1. Open Moveworks setup via Studio home of your org.
  2. Navigate to Alerts menu item within Command center section.

Understanding columns in Alerts home screen

  • Module: The segment of the system where the alert originates.
  • Alert ID: A unique identifier assigned to each alert.
  • Alert Name: The title that describes the essence of the alert.
  • Alert Description: A brief explanation providing context to the alert.
  • Alert Type: The category that the alert falls into, typically indicating its severity or nature.
  • Last Fired at: The most recent time and date when the alert was last triggered.
  • Total Times fired: Count of times the same alert was fired.
  • Active Since: Time from which a specific alert is active.
  • Acknowledged By: User who is acknowledging an active alert in the UI.

There are 3 states a alert can be present in

  • Active - These are the active alerts that are currently being fired from your system.
  • Acknowledged - These are the active alerts that are currently being fired from your system and an MW setup admin has read and acknowledged the alert. The user who has acknowledged can be found in the acknowledged by column in the alerts table
  • Archived - These are historical alerts that were fired from your system.

Key highlights

  • The integration failure alerts are only raised for the systems that are configured in identity
  • Only last 2 months of archived alerts are available in setup

Applicable Alerts within Moveworks Setup

ModuleAlert NameAlert TypeAlert Description
ConnectorIntegration Failure - {{integration name}}System AlertSystem is failing to connect with {{integration name}}. Please check credentials and the authentication system used
ConnectorMicrosoft Teams - Message Authentication FailureSystem AlertFailure to authenticate Microsoft Teams inbound messages
ConnectorChat credentials expiredSystem AlertChat system responded with "401 - Unauthorized". This means that the existing credentials are no longer valid and the bot is unable to send messages to the users.
ConnectorServiceNow Service Account Timezone MismatchSystem AlertThe timezone of the ServiceNow service account configured as a Moveworks connector does not match one of the expected timezones ('GMT', 'GMT0', 'UTC', 'America/Danmarkshavn').
ConnectorTicketing - Error reading from external ITSM systemConfiguration AlertWrite action is invalid due to permissions or credentials.
ConnectorTicketing - Error writing to external ITSM systemConfiguration AlertRead action is invalid due to permissions or credentials.
Internal KnowledgeKnowledge Ingestion - Large drop in articlesConfiguration AlertSeeing a large drop in ingested knoweldge articles for {{ integration }} - {{ domain }}. Please check configuration for internal knowledge.
TicketingInvalid configuration(s) of create/update ticket method(s)Configuration AlertEncountered ticket attributes mapping error when trying to process request.
TicketingCurrent configuration of create/update ticket payload considered invalid by external ITSM systemConfiguration AlertInvalid mapping for a create or update ticketing payload.
TicketingMissing configuration(s) for create/update ticket method(s)Configuration AlertMissing mapping for a create or update ticketing payload.
TicketingInvalid ticketing state configurationConfiguration AlertInvalid state mapping, an internal state is likely not mapped.
TicketingTicketing - Tickets are not passing the Universal ticket filterConfiguration AlertNo tickets have passed universal filter. Check ticket filters (particularly Universal ticket fetching filter) to make sure it is correct.
IdentityUser validation failedConfiguration AlertUser identity validation failed.
IdentityIdentity Ingestion - Large drop in ingested users (Upcoming)Data AlertIdentity User drop Alert description - Seeing a large drop in ingested users. Please check configuration for identity.
Access SoftwareAccess Software - Group does not exist in source systemConfiguration AlertGroup name does not exist in external system. Software provisioning will fail for this application.
ChatMicrosoft Teams Bot is unable to self-installExternal AlertMicrosoft Teams bot doesn't have permissions to install itself for users
File SearchFile Ingestion - Exceeded limit of files to ingestData AlertRecent File Search ingestion exceeded file limit. No new files were ingested, please refer to Control Center to identify new files causing limit overload.
File SearchFile Ingestion – Failed to ingest certain filesConfiguration AlertRecent File Search ingestion had failed libraries, and certain files were not ingested. Please check your configurations and validate each attempted configuration.
AgentAgent disconnectedExternal AlertThere are no Moveworks on-prem agents connected.