IT Resolution Calculation

This framework describes how we calculae IT resolution by Classic Moveworks bot. It is not applicable to Moveworks Copilot.

Please note that for the Answers skill, resolution is counted in the following scenarios to approximate the value a user derives:

  • In the Answers DM route, a resolution is counted if the user provides a positive rating or does not provide a rating. Not Rated counts towards resolution for an Answer served because this was adopted from the IT ticket paradigm, where if a ticket was resolved one would not necessarily receive positive feedback or confirmation upon resolution. Thus if an Answer is served to a user, they engaged with the Answer, and there is no other user feedback signal within 14 days, we default to assuming that the article served resolved their question.
  • In the Answers ticket route, a resolution is counted if the user either leaves positive feedback on the interaction or clicks on the knowledge link that was served by the bot and leaves non-negative feedback.