Publishing your Articles

Knowledge Studio is a content creation tool. It doesn't currently support publishing of articles directly to your knowledge base system. To publish an article created within Knowledge Studio you must manually copy the article and publish it to your knowledge platform.

How to publish an article to your knowledge base system

  1. Copy over your article by clicking on the copy button.

    • Once your knowledge article is ready within Knowledge Studio, click on the Copy button.
  2. Navigate over to your knowledge base system.

    • Before proceeding, ensure you have the necessary permissions to publish articles within your knowledge base system. Collaborate with your knowledge manager for approval if required.
    • If you're appending an existing article, locate the appropriate knowledge article by searching within your system.
    • For new articles, create a new entry in your knowledge base system and categorize it appropriately.
  3. Paste your knowledge article

    • Paste the generated article from Knowledge Studio into the body of your article within the knowledge base system.
    • Make any additional formatting adjustments as needed to align with your companies requirements, and then save your article.
  4. Get the right approvals

    • Send the article to the relevant subject matter expert or designated approver for a thorough review and approval process.
    • Address any feedback or edits as necessary to meet approval requirements.
  5. Publish it

    • Once the article receives the necessary approvals and is in its final form, proceed to publish it within your knowledge base system.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly transition your well-crafted knowledge articles from Knowledge Studio into your knowledge base system, ensuring that your valuable knowledge is readily accessible to your organization.