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Moveworks Answers skill enables the Moveworks bot to answer user’s questions directly in chat, by understanding the questions and responding instantly with answers containing the most relevant article snippets, links to articles in the knowledge base, or links to external articles taken from trusted knowledge sources. The Moveworks Salesforce integration is leveraged by the Moveworks Answers skill to import content into the Moveworks Enterprise Cache so it can be searched by the Moveworks bot in real-time.

See our Salesforce Knowledge Access Requirements guide for more information on how to connect Moveworks to your Salesforce Knowledge instance.

Supported Content Types

As part of our Enterprise Cache, Moveworks ingests and snippetizes knowledge articles from your knowledge base to make them chat ready. Moveworks will ingest all articles with PublishStatus = Online (all published articles).

The Moveworks Salesforce Knowledge Integration supports HTML file types.

Snippet Titles

Note that outside of just using your title, Moveworks will also parse the rest of the article content to determine the best title for your article.

	"Title": "VPN Troubleshooting Guide",
	"body": "{{SEE RIGHT}}"
<h1>How to solve connection errors</h1>
Here are some instructions.

<h1> How to solve VPN slowness </h1>
Here are some other instructions.

In this example, we will create a knowledge article “snippet” titled “VPN Troubleshooting Guide: How to solve connection errors”

Snippet Description

We typically display directly from the Article_content__c field of your articles. However we’ve seen different a few different formats, please let your Customer Success team know if you store any important information in any different or custom fields.

Condition (Content Type)Field to fetch content from
if Article_content__c is not emptyarticle.Article_content__c
if Article_content___c is empty but Steps__c is notarticle.Steps__c

Article Links

Moveworks generates links to your articles based on the file path.


We also have some ability to slightly edit the file path, again your Customer Success team is the best person to work with to ensure your configuration works properly.

Unsupported Behavior: Advanced Content

Please note that images, tables, text formatting, lists or other multi-media formats will not be rendered in chat. Instead, the user will be able to click the article and view the source article.


Knowledge Ingestion

We use SOQL on the following APIs to filter content during ingestion

  • Get list of available articles
    https://{{base-salesforce-url}}/services/data/v54.0/query/?q=SELECT {Fields} FROM Knowledge__kav WHERE {Filter_rules}
  • Get individual article: https://{{base-salesforce-url}}/services/data/v54.0/sobjects/Knowledge__kav/article_id