Simpplr Access Requirements

Use this document for instructions on how to get the access setup in place for the Moveworks integration with Simpplr.


Make sure you have the salesforce.crt file handy. The Moveworks team should generate and share this with you.

Process Walkthrough

  1. Create a Connected App in your Salesforce instance

    1. Under Setup > App Manager: Click New Connected App
    2. Fill basic info: {Connected App Name: Moveworks_Server, API Name: Moveworks_Server, Contact Email: [email protected]}
    3. Select enable oAuth settings under API (Enable oAuth Settings) & add {Callback URL:}
    4. Check Use digital signatures. Upload the salesforce.crt that was provided as a pre-req.
    5. Add oAuth scopes to: 
      1. api
      2. refresh_token, offline_access
      3. visualforce (only required for Simpplr)
    6. Click Save & Note down the Consumer Key and the Consumer Secret
    7. After saving Update OAuth Policies, click
      1. Manage > Edit Policies
      2. And in the OAuth policies section, change Permitted Users to Admin approved users are pre-authorized
      3. And in the Session policies section, change Timeout Value to 24 hours
      4. Click Save
  2. Create a Permission Set to interact with the Connected App

    1. Navigate to Users > Permission Sets & click on New
    2. Add moveworks_connected_app as the Label & Api Names & click Save
    3. Now click on the moveworks_connected_app Permission Set and Click Assigned Connected Apps
    4. Click Edit and add Moveworks_Server to list of Enabled Connected Apps & Click Save
  3. Create New Service Account (if it doesn’t exist)

    1. Navigate to Users > Users & click on New User
    2. Enter the following information & click Save:
      1. Last Name: Moveworks
      2. Alias: moveworks
      3. Email, Username & Nickname: moveworks@{{customer-domain}}.com
      4. Setup profile as Standard User
  4. Assign our service user the connected app

    1. Navigate to Users > Users & click on our service user account that we just created
    2. Click on Permission Set Assignment and then Edit Assignments
    3. Now add moveworks_connected_app to list of Enabled Permission Sets & Click Save
  5. Ensure we have the required field level permissions to interact with all the columns

    1. Note down our service account’s Profile Name under Users > Profiles
    2. Navigate to Setup > Object Manager > Click on the object Label Simpplr Content (Simpplr__Simpplr_Content__c)
    3. Click on the Fields & Relationships tab
    4. Then do the following steps for each of the following elect each of the following fields:
      1. Click on the column name
      2. Click the button Set field-level Security
      3. Make sure Visible column is checked for our service account’s noted down profile for each of these columns.
      4. Save this configuration


Upon completing this setup, please share the following with the Moveworks Customer Success team:

  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret
  • Service Account Email
  • Service Account Password