Unily Access Setup Guide

As Moveworks has integrated with Unily, We would need the following details to connect our services with your Unily instance. Our systems fetch the knowledge articles stored in your system and serve the user with relevant answers.

Setup Overview

We would need access to the following APIs and permission scopes:

APIs we used to build this integration:

  • {{unily_url}}/connect/token
  • {{unily_url}}/api/v1/content/query
  • {{unily_url}}/api/v1/content/id

Permission scopes required:

  • gateway.contentmanagement.read: Read content

We will need the following information to authenticate the API calls:

  • Unily Instance API URL (For Eg: https://orgname-api-stg.unily.com)
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret

👉🏻 Please provide ALL of the above to your Moveworks Customer Success Team via an encrypted email.

How to get the Client ID and Secret for your Unily Instance?

Please contact your Unily Instance Admin for details or get support from the Unily Support Team by forwarding the API details and scopes mentioned above.