Cherwell Access Requirements

Why do we need access to your Cherwell Instance?

The bot will directly perform actions in Cherwell to create, update, and query information about tickets.

Cherwell Permissions

The Moveworks service interacts with your Cherwell platform so that the bot can:

  • monitor tickets for autonomous resolution;
  • reach out to an employee when a ticket needs the employee's attention;
  • create tickets to log issues the bot has resolved autonomously;
  • create tickets for issues that require an agent's attention;
  • load Cherwell forms so that the bot can serve them to employees; and
  • read the Cherwell user roster so that the bot can log and assign issues appropriately.

Moveworks specifically needs access to the following Business Objects

  • Customer – to build ITSM roster
  • Incident – to manage ticketing
  • Journal (all subtypes) – to manage comments
  • KnowledgeArticle – to ingest knowledge

Service account in Production

To perform the actions listed above, Moveworks needs one account for the bot on your Cherwell Production instance.

What is this account used for:

A dedicated service account in Cherwell allows the Moveworks service to read and update tickets, and read users, and forms. Ensure this is a local Cherwell account and not linked to Windows authentication.

Share the Client key of this account with your Moveworks Customer Success Engineer.

Service account in test/dev

If you have a Cherwell sandbox instance, replicate the above steps to create a service account in the sandbox.

What is this account used for:

This account is used for testing - please grant access to an instance that is the closest to what is deployed in your prod instance for the Moveworks Team.