File Search

Supercharge your Moveworks Search capabilities

With File Search, your Moveworks bot can now answer your employees’ questions directly in-chat with information from files types such as .pdfs, .docx, and .pptx – beginning with out-of-the-box integrations with Microsoft Sharepoint Online, Google Drive, and Box!

As a result, File Search supercharges your Moveworks bot, extending the content your employees can access in Search, beyond articles in Knowledge Bases.

Respecting Source Permissions

Additionally, File Search integrations respect your source permissions out-of-the-box, so all your employees’ access will always be consistent with what they can access in your source system. For more, see File Search - Respecting File Permissions.

How does File Search work?

File Search functions similarly to the Answers capability in the Moveworks bot. However, File Search extends beyond Answers in that you can now ingest, index, and serve content from within .pdf, .docx and .pptx files in response to your employees’ search queries.

At a high level, we continuously ingest your files and file permissions, maintaining consistency with your source system, snippetize them into chunks of text, and index them in preparation for Search.

During Search time, we enforce your source system’s file permissions so that your employees can only access information from files they already have access to, and feed the most relevant, highest-ranked content back to Next-Gen Copilot to produce a highly accurate summarization grounded in your source-of-truth files (with citations).

For more on what is supported, see our FAQ of File Search capabilities File Search FAQs.

File Search with Next-Gen Copilot: Natural Language Search

With Next-Gen Copilot, your employees can ask your Moveworks bot questions in natural language, and receive summarized answers from across your source-of-truth .pdf, .docx, .pptx in Sharepoint, Drive, and more.


Next-Gen Copilot has the ability to summarize content across multiple files back to your user, and includes citations that link back to the source of truth from which Copilot summarized the answer from. This allows your employees to validate the answer and uncover further information in the Source file.

For more on how Answers works, see: How does Answers work?.

How do I configure File Search?

File Search will be available via Self-Serve for your admin – see more at File Search Self-Serve Configuration.

What is supported in File Search today?

See our File Search FAQs for more information.