Multilingual Support SLA Times

Moveworks builds bots in English, and based on user preference, the bot responses are machine translated to a user's preferred language.

For a multilingual bot, the configuration assumes that English is the primary language. When changes are performed to the strings impacting the English bot, then the system propagates those changes to other languages configured in the bot. The system ensure those strings changes maintain a consistent voice, tone, and company-specific terminology across all languages.

However, there is a time delay between when the change is made in english to other languages, temporarily creating a "Spanglish" experience. Often, these bot string changes are performing frequently during the implementation phase and significantly reduces once live in prod.


Production considerations

A bot string can be updated either by the customer or by Moveworks performing a UX update to enrich an existing experience. For the latter, there may be a unexpected change in which english would appear temporarily.

ChangeTranslation ActivityAvailable In (Worst Case)
update bot responses, e.g. name of a button, examples in the help card, etc.English to non-English (user-facing)48 hrs
on-the-fly translation of proactive & system messagesEnglish to non-English (user-facing)0 hrs (instant)
on-the-fly translation of an english KBA, Form, and CommsEnglish to non-English (user-facing)0 hrs (instant)
ingestion of non-english KBAs*Non-English to English (internal copy for search relevancy)No difference as compared to regular ingestion schedule**

Ingestion of non-english Forms is not supported.

Also see the Moveworks Ingestion Schedule.