Agent Time-Saving

Where can I see the agent time-saving/impact of the Moveworks bot?

In the Executive Insights report under the "Impact" section, you can see the estimated agent time-saving due to the impact of the Moveworks bot.

This framework describes how we estimate agent time savings by Classic Moveworks bot. It is not extended to Copilot as of now.

How is the agent time-saving calculated?

We make the following time-saving assumptions to calculate the agent impact.

Skill / CategoryTime-Saving for Agent
Issue Resolved48 min
Issue Triaged5 min
Status Inquiry1 min

By multiplying the number of resolutions, issues Triaged and status inquiry served with the respective minutes saved for the agent, we get the overall minutes saved for the service desk. By assuming a 40-hour work week for typical agents, we divide the minutes saved by 60 minutes and number of hours in the time period selected, to estimate the amount of work the bot performed, in terms of full-time agents.

Why does each issue resolved save 48 minutes for the agent?

The 48-minute assumption has been used at Moveworks to estimate agent time-saving, based on external industry benchmarks. In 2022, the Data Science team at Moveworks conducted an analysis to calculate how long the top-performing agents at all our customers take to resolve each ticket. We found that the top quartile of agents at the top quartile of the current Moveworks customers takes 60 minutes to resolve an issue. i.e. The most productive agents in the most productive organizations take 60 minutes to resolve each issue. This provides data-driven support that the 48-minute assumption we use is reasonable and realistic.

In the analysis, we did use all tickets including L2/3 tickets. By only including the top quartile (25%) of agents in terms of the volume of issues resolved, this largely excluded non-agent assignees and shifts the analysis to focus on L1 agents.

By performing this analysis, we derived a distribution of agent time-saving per ticket resolved across all our customers. Some could be lower at say 35 minutes if the service desk is more efficient; some could be higher at say 92 minutes if the service desk is less efficient. Then, from there, we further looked at the 25th percentile of the most productive service desks out of Moveworks customers and we found that the agent time-saving per ticket resolved is 60 minutes.

If you wish to discuss the time-saving assumption for your organization, you can reach out to [email protected].