Content Integration - ServiceNow

ServiceNow Overview

ServiceNow is a platform that delivers IT and employee workflows in order to drive enterprise solutions. Moveworks empowers users to quickly search across ServiceNow as well as other platforms, to find the most relevant search results. By integrating Moveworks with ServiceNow, our platform can harnesses the capability to accurately retrieve essential knowledge from ServiceNow, streamline workflows, and enhance productivity.

Access Requirements for ServiceNow

Moveworks can connect to ServiceNow. See our ServiceNow Access Requirements guides to learn more about how integrate your system with Moveworks:

Content Types Supported within ServiceNow

  • Knowledge Articles (including knowledge blocks)
  • Content Items

How Moveworks Integrates with ServiceNow

The following diagram illustrates the high-level architecture of how Moveworks integrates with the ServiceNow Knowledge Base:


This is a live integration which means we poll for knowledge articles every four hours. This is done so that the enterprise cache is updated with relevant snippets for answers.

Our enterprise cache stores the knowledge documents and generates relevant knowledge snippets by understanding the content. This is also where we store redirect urls in order to direct users to where the knowledge article is located and can be read.


The ServiceNow’s Table API is utilized to fetch and ingest all content from the kb_knowledge table.

We also support ingestion from the following child tables directly too if you don’t want Moveworks to ingest all of your content within kb_knowledge:

  • kb_knowledge_block
  • kb_template_how_to
  • kb_template_kcs_article
  • kb_template_faq
  • kb_template_what_is
  • kb_template_known_error_article
  • sc_cat_item_content

How we fetch knowledge articles from ServiceNow

We use the following APIs to fetch the knowledge articles that you want Moveworks to ingest.

Fetch all knowledge articles

curl --location '{{snow_url}}/api/now/table/{{table_name}}' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic <base64({{servicenow_username}}:{{servicenow_password}})>'

The {{table_name}} is replaced by the above mentioned KB Tables based on your requirement

Integration Scope


Our knowledge ingestion engine works on ingesting the text section from the API response which is an HTML block.