OIDC: Generic SSO App Configuration

Before you start

Ensure you have Admin Access to your SSO portal.

Ask your Moveworks team for your CUSTOMER_ID: this is your organization's unique identifier which will be used to create branded urls for login.

Setup Instructions in SSO Portal

Go to your SSO's Admin Portal & create a new OpenID Connect (OIDC) application. Please configure your redirect and login urls based on your region as follows

  1. App Name: Moveworks.
  2. Sign-in Method: OpenID Connect as the sign in method.
  3. Login and Redirect URLs: ask your Moveworks Customer Success team for your region.
    • The login URL can also be called the homepage URL
  1. (Optional) Download & upload the following Moveworks icon for your application:

Finish Moveworks’ side of the integration

After the above setup is complete, provide the following information to your Moveworks Customer Success team:

  1. Client ID: (called idp_client_id)
  2. Issuer URL: (called idp_issuer)
  3. Client Secret (called idp_secret)