Knowledge Studio Configuration

Ready to get access to Knowledge Studio? Here’s what you need to do to get started:

  1. Configure your MyMoveworks SSO
  2. Log in to your MyMoveworks workspace
  3. Add users to Knowledge Studio

Additionally you can make additional configurations to further customize your experience:

  • Specify tickets you’d like to exclude from ingestion.

Configure MyMoveworks for your organization

If you’ve already configured MyMoveworks when you setup Moveworks Creator Studio, then you’re ready to go and there’s no additional updates you have to make.

However if this is your first time going through this setup you will need to follow the steps outlined in our Moveworks Administration Tools Setup guide. This setup does require support from your SSO administrator.

Log in to your MyMoveworks workspace

Once your MyMoveworks SSO has been setup and Knowledge Studio has been setup for you, super admins and any users who have gotten access to Knowledge Studio will be able to start using the product.

To start using the product:

  1. Access your MyMoveworks workspace.

    Depending on which country your company operates in you can access MyMoveworks via a specific URL. Use that URL that is applicable to you. To login you will use your company credentials.

    Moveworks government customers have a separate URL for MyMoveworks. If you are a government customer, you an access MyMoveworks via this URL:

    Government customers
  2. Once you login you’ll see the Welcome to Moveworks homepage. Click on Knowledge Studio.

  3. Now you can start viewing your recommendations and creating new content.

Not working? Here are some tips

  1. Trouble logging in? You might not have access. If you can’t log into My Moveworks using your company credentials, you need your Super Admin to add you a user to the product.

  2. Don’t see the Welcome to Moveworks homepage? Send us an email and we’ll help you sort this out. The issue could be related to how your admin setup their My Moveworks SSO. [email protected]. As a workaround you can still access Knowledge Studio by clicking on the top right corner button and selecting Knowledge Studio.

Adding users to Knowledge Studio

By default only your Moveworks administrators and Super Admins have access to Knowledge Studio. To learn more about roles & permissions for MyMoveworks, go here.

Admins & Super Admins you will need to follow these steps to add additional users to Knowledge Studio:

  1. Login to your Moveworks SSO:

    Moveworks government customers:

    Government customers
  2. Navigate to Roles and Permissions within MyMoveworks.

  3. Click on the dropdown and select or type in “Knowledge Studio” and click on the Add User button.

  4. Type in the name of the user you want to give Knowledge Studio access to:

  5. Specify the role you want for this user and click on Save.

All done! You’ll need to repeat these steps to add additional users.

Specify Tickets Knowledge Studio Should Use for Recommendations

Knowledge Studio's power lies in its ability to sift through your IT tickets. Each month, Knowledge Studio will sift through your last 30 days of IT tickets, apply our machine learning processes, and produce up to 15 recommendations for you to review. However, not all IT tickets contribute equally to the generation of meaningful knowledge. Tickets that arise from routine alerts, automations, or are directly handled by bots may not reflect the nuanced challenges your employees encounter. Recognizing this, Knowledge Studio affords you the option to specify which tickets it should employ in its recommendation process.

To ensure that the recommendations provided by Knowledge Studio are the most relevant and useful, it's crucial to define which types of IT tickets the tool should analyze. This is a configuration we can handle for you with our Ticket Filters and depending on when your bot was configured and launched, we may need to update your ticket filers given that some of your ITSM processes have evolved.

Understanding Ticket Filters
Ticket filters within Knowledge Studio serve a dual purpose: they help highlight the tickets that are most relevant to your employees' current issues and omit those that aren't beneficial due to being generated by internal rules or automations. This configuration plays a crucial role in tailoring Knowledge Studio’s recommendations to your specific organizational needs.

Do I need to update a ticket filter update?

If your recent recommendations from Knowledge Studio have included tickets that originated from:

  • Requested Items (RITMs) or Catalog items
  • Automatic resolutions facilitated by bots
  • Alerts or automated processes defined within your ITSM setup

It's a clear indicator that an update to your ticket filters is warranted to maintain the quality and applicability of the recommendations provided.

How to update your Ticket Filters?

We will handle this configuration update for you. All you need to do is file a support ticket or reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) and make this request. By specifying which tickets Knowledge Studio should utilize for generating recommendations, you can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your knowledge base, ensuring it remains a dynamic, employee-focused resource.

We will need some information from you such as the names of specific assignment groups you'd like us to exclude and examples of alert or automation related tickets that were created through your ITSM business rules. Additionally please include ticket numbers when you file a support ticket.