Duo Access Requirements

Duo Security Access Needs

Why do we need access to your Duo instance?

The Moveworks service interacts with your Duo instance to help employees associate their Duo factor with their mobile device, and to help them create a bypass code to log in when their device is unavailable. Specifically, Moveworks takes the following actions in your Duo instance. Moveworks:

  • retrieves employee records from Duo based on their email addresses
  • creates Duo activation URLs for employees
  • instructs Duo to send employees activation codes via SMS

Admin API access needed

Moveworks requires credentials for the Admin API in your Duo instance to view reporting information and perform user-initiated MFA resets. Follow the steps below to set this up:

  1. Make sure your Duo Admin API is activated as explained in the Duo documentation at https://duo.com/docs/adminapi
  2. Make sure the Duo Admin API has been granted the following permissions:
    • Grant read information
    • Grant read resource
    • Grant write resource
  3. Use a secure communications channel to share your Duo Integration key, Secret key,and Duo API hostname with your Moveworks Customer Success representative.