Moveworks Setup - Lookups

Moveworks Lookups enables the Moveworks bot to answer questions from users regarding coworkers, conference rooms, and other topics related to the workplace.

An example of some questions users can have answered by the Lookups skill include:

  • “Who is Alex?”
  • “Who is Drew’s manager?”
  • “Where does Chris sit?”
  • “Where’s the main conference room?”
  • “What is Madison’s phone number?”

The Moveworks bot can answer these kind of queries by extracting information from the Moveworks Knowledge Graph.

People Lookups

When users ask the bot a question about a colleague, like in the example above, the bot can respond to the user’s query with a card in chat that contain’s that colleague's name, department, phone number, email, and other useful information. The user can then click on the links in the bot’s message to call, email or chat with the colleague they are looking up.

Places Lookups

When users ask the bot a question about a location, such as a conference room, in their workplace, the bot can respond with a card in chat that displays a map and provides information about the location, such as the room’s number and maximum number of occupants.

How does Lookups work?

Lookups integrates with your business systems of record using REST APIs. This integration allows the data from your systems of record to be ingested into Moveworks. Once this data has been ingested, Moveworks uses deep learning to construct a knowledge graph from this data.

This knowledge graph encodes relationships and context between different people or rooms, and allows users to ask a variety of questions about this data. With this knowledge graph in place, you can easily understand people, places, and the relationships between these different entities using the chat interface provided by Moveworks. This allows you to quickly and easily access important information about your business, without having to search through multiple systems of record.

How Moveworks understands your organization

To get personnel data, Moveworks connects to your identity and access management system, such as an Active Directory or Okta, and retrieves the latest personnel data daily. Data collected includes employee name, contact information, and organizational reporting structure. To get conference room and facilities information, Moveworks typically ingests conference room data from your workplace management system such as SpaceIQ, or Office Space. Your employee and facilities data is isolated from all other customer data managed by Moveworks.

How the Moveworks service finds the right answer to an employee's question

Users can submit multiple types of IT and facilities questions to the Moveworks bot, and Moveworks natural language processing allows the bot to discern which questions are likely to be questions about people or rooms. Because the Moveworks service knows the names on your employee roster and facilities list, it can quickly determine when a question is about a person or place.

Once the Moveworks people and places logic has discerned the employee's question, it queries its knowledge graph for the answer. If the bot find multiple people or rooms who match the employee's question, it asks the user for more details, such as a last name.

Configuration Options

People Lookup Card Fields

The fields in the card presented by the bot for a People Lookup query can be configured to display custom information. Common fields include:

  • Direct reports
  • Manager
  • Cost Center / Business Unit
  • Department
  • Preferred Name
  • Phone Number
  • Employment Status

Disambiguation Fields

In some cases there may be multiple users with the same name. In this scenario, you can configure Moveworks to use an attribute to share with the user for them to disambiguate between the users such as: department, office, or location.


Q: What attributes is ingested for the Lookups skill? Are user’s personally identifiable information protected?

A: The user attributes Moveworks ingests for the Lookup skill consists of:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Corporate Email Address
  • Corporate Directory Information

Attributes can be customized to provide a balance between the required information the bot need to maintain the user roster, and Lookup features such as "Who is ?".

The protection of personally identifiable information is maintained at the same high standard security control of existing customer data, which is encrypted at rest with AES 256 and in transit with TLS 1.2. Additionally, customer data logically segregated.

Q: Can the Lookups skill query roster attributes other than names?

A: No, the search index for Lookups can only query using the name attribute.

The field can be modified to show a different disambiguation attribute (such as department, location, etc.). For example. we can disambiguate users with the following configuration - - .