ServiceNow SSP Banner Link to the Moveworks Bot

What is it?

An eye-catching, bot-branded banner at the top of your ServiceNow self-service portal (SSP) that when clicked brings users straight to the bot in chat.

SME Needed and Time to Complete

  • ServiceNow Admin - 10-15 min

Moveworks Provided Assets

  • Company-branded bot banner
  • Moveworks deep link to the bot

How To

  • Log in to ServiceNow as an administrator

  • Navigate to Service Portal Configuration and click Branding Editor.

  • In the editor view, scroll down the left panel, delete any text in Tag Line.

  • Click Upload an image and select your Moveworks-provided banner.

  • There are two things left to do now:

    • make the banner link to the bot and
    • move the search bar to be less obtrusive.
  • We’ll do this by making a copy of the default search widget with a couple tweaks.

  • Back in the main ServiceNow admin UI, navigate to the Service Portal → Widgets table and search for the Homepage Search widget.

  • Click into the record and then click Clone Widget.

  • In the new copy of the widget, paste the following into the Body HTML template box, being sure to replace “https://YOUR.MOVEWORKS.PROVIDED.BOT.MOVEWORKS.LINK” with the link Moveworks provided you:

     <div id="homepage-search" class="hidden-xs wrapper-xl">
      <div class="wrapper-xl">
      	<h2 class="text-center text-4x m-b-lg sp-tagline-color" ng-bind="options.title"></h2>
      	<div ng-if="options.short_description" class="text-center h4 m-b-lg sp-tagline-color" ng-bind="options.short_description"></div>
    <sp-widget widget="data.typeAheadSearch"/>
  • The image below shows what we are deleting in red, and what we are adding in green. Very minor tweaks.

  • Return to Service Portal Configuration and click Designer.

  • On the following page, find your home page. By default this is called index but it may be called something else in your environment if your organization is using a custom home page.

  • The following screen gives you a drag and drop layout of your page.

  • Click the little blue trash can in the upper right corner when hovering over the Homepage Search widget.

  • Click Yes when asked to confirm (don’t worry you can always add this back anytime).

  • Search for the new widget copy we made and drag it onto the banner.

  • If you did it right, it will look like this:

  • Everything will save automatically.

  • Finally, open a new browser tab and navigate to your new and improved service portal.

  • Looking good! Now click the banner, and if you are directed to the bot, you are good to go!