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Core Copilot

  • Channel Resolver

    Detect and resolve workforce issues in chat channels.

  • Employee Communications

    Keep your workforce on the same page with targeted, actionable messages.

  • Lookups

    Lookup workplace related questions with relevant information ingested from your other systems.

  • Moveworks for Web

    Embed Moveworks on your most frequented portals and sites.

  • Multilingual Support (MLS)

    Deliver world-class support in over 100 languages.

  • Smart Handoff

    Route users to the correct destination for further help.

  • Search

    Answer your workforce’s questions with relevant internal or external knowledge articles in-chat.

Service Management

  • Approvals

    Simplify and accelerate approvals by unifying all of your workflows into one conversational platform.

  • Concierge

    Accelerate the resolution of issues by providing support for tickets in-chat.

  • Forms

    Enable your workforce to self-service the finding and filling of forms in-chat.

  • Ticket Interception

    Automate the resolution of tickets from non-chat channels like email and the self-service portal.

  • Triage

    Automate the routing and categorizing of tickets to accelerate the support experience.

Provision Management

  • Access Control

    Restrict access to forms and knowledge based on user identity.

  • Account Access

    Enable your workforce to resolve account access issues in-chat.

  • Group Access

    Enable your workforce to manage email groups in-chat.

  • Software Access

    Enable your workforce to self-service software provisioning requests in-chat.

Employee Experience Insights

  • EXI

    Analyze your support tickets in real time using natural language understanding.

Control Center

  • Control Center

    Gain visibility and insight into your Moveworks bot with Control Center.

Creator Studio

  • Creator Studio

    Build any conversational AI experience for the enterprise with generative AI.

Knowledge Studio

  • Knowledge Studio

    Our generative AI tool that empowers users to write knowledge articles fully based on company data.





  • SFTP

    Learn more about the SFTP data dictionary to understand important fields & metrics.

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Developing on the platform

Maximize with Creator Studio


Creator Studio



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