Rich Ticket Filing

What is Rich Ticket Filing?

Moveworks Rich Ticket Filing gives users a convenient way to file detailed tickets so that service desk agents can better resolve their issues. This is done by configuring forms on a per domain basis, and serving the form to users when they file a ticket.

Rich Ticket Filing allows for:

  • Ticketing control — Customize the backstop fields users can fill in when filing a ticket in-chat.
  • In-chat support — Users can file all their tickets without leaving chat.
  • Domain customizability — Create different types of forms for each ticket domain.
  • Additional control — Ability to autofill user attributes and to make fields mandatory.

For more details please refer to this page :

Configuring Rich Ticket Filing form

Navigate to the Rich ticket filing module under ticketing setup. Here you are able to create multiple forms using the native form builder config.

  1. Create a new form here and select the domain and provide the name for the form under ID.
  2. Add more details around the form about
    1. Title
    2. Description
    3. Short Description
    4. Fields
  3. Select the fields type that are applicable in the form. Moveworks support the following field types
  4. Text
  5. Radio button - Binary
  6. Options
  7. Date
  8. Single user select/ Multi select users
  9. Multi line text
  10. Attachment
  11. Label
  12. Email group/ Multi select email groups
  13. Save the form with the complete fields details.

How to enable rich ticketing filing in Handoff?

For enabling the rich ticket filing form you will need to enable rich ticket filing behaviour in handoff configuration. Make sure to take a note the name for the rich ticket filing form that you have created. This will be used a reference for the form there.

Visit the handoff configuration guide here to learn more on this : Handoff Settings