Plugin Controls for Access Software


Plugin controls screen is being migrated

It shall be available shortly for customer's use. Hence, you may not find below mentioned controls in the Access Software module of Moveworks Setup.

The "Plugin Controls" configuration allows you to hone the capabilities of your Access Software plugin, providing you with full control over software access operations.

Step 1: Enable Last Mile Execution

The Last Mile execution facilitates actions related to access software in the downstream system, directly within your ticketing system. The Last Mile execution will only be activated if this feature parameter is enabled. When activated, it enables the Access Software feature for all configured software through the ticket route.

Step 2: Configure Dependencies

The 'ACCESS SW FEATURE PARAMS ACCESS SW ENABLED' is set to 'true' to activate this feature. Note that, this is essential for the proper functioning of the Plugin Controls configuration.

Step 3: Enable Last Mile Bidding on Tickets

Choosing 'true' for this option activates Last Mile bidding on tickets with forms in them, pertaining to Access Software. This imparts flexibility to handle software provisioning tickets efficiently.

Step 4: Allows Software Provisioning Requests

Setting this feature as 'true' allows users to request the bot to provision software that is configured for the organization. It offers the end-users seamlessly request for software provisioning.

By tweaking these controls, not only you can streamline the process but also assist your users in interacting with the bot effectively for their software needs. It's all about enhancing the user experience, promoting efficiency, and leveraging automation!