Access Control - Moveworks Managed Permissions


Moveworks imports a variety of user attributes from your Chat, ITSM, or IDAM/Directory integrations such as division, department, country code, which can be made available to the Moveworks Access Control Platform to be used to configure access control for your resources such as forms and knowledge natively within Moveworks, without having to rely on a 3rd party system.

Supported Restrictions

Moveworks can enable restrictions on any user attribute imported into the Moveworks user profile, and the following attributes of an article:

  1. Knowledge base of the knowledge platform. e.g:
    1. For ServiceNow, this is the "knowledge base"
    2. For Confluence, this is the "space"
    3. For Sharepoint, this is the "site"
    4. For Moveworks FAQs, this is the "Sheet tab"
  2. Information on the HTML url of the article

Example restrictions

  1. To restrict a site or knowledge base based on user's country:
    1. e.g: user.country_code IN ["Cambodia", "Thailand", "Vietnam"]
  2. To restrict a site or knowledge base based on a user's division
    1. e.g: user.division IN ["Engineering"]