Moveworks Analytics Upgrade FAQ

What is this change?

Moveworks is upgrading the analytics platform to the “Funnel Event Data System” (FEDS) which is based on a new logging framework. In this new framework, information about product usage is logged at every step of the user journey and then chained into a funnel. FEDS allows us to track the user journey in a comprehensive and accurate manner.

This is one of the most exciting upgrades to the analytics platform to date!

Why did Moveworks build this?

Our goal is to shorten the path between product and analytics insights. For this, Moveworks aims to improve the following aspects of the data system:

  • Robustness: design mechanisms to ensure data correctness.
  • Depth: extend data assets to enable analytics to drive deeper insights.
  • Scalability: reduce the unit cost of building & maintaining the data system.
  • Simplicity: bring more structure to data assets allowing for easy and broader consumption as well as the ability to self-serve.

How will this benefit Moveworks customers?

The overall accuracy of metrics will be improved through better logging and attribution of user action to key metrics like resolution. Also, FEDS enables net new visibility in several of the dashboards:

  • As Moveworks rolls out future capabilities like File Search and Custom Domain, FEDS enables visibility into existing dashboards such as Answers Insights and Bot Performance Insights.
    • For more information about Custom Domain, you can read more here.
    • File Search is the capability to ingest and serve additional file types, starting with PPT, PDF, and DOC file types. This is slated to go live in H2 2023.
  • Within the Answers Insights dashboard, FEDS enables visibility into more types of Issue topicsthat will provide better reporting in non-IT domains, especially HR. For example, additional types are related to, but not limited to, the following - Retirement Plans, Equity, Compensation, Time Off, Expenses, and Events.
    • For more information about the Answers Insights dashboard, you can read more here.

When & where will this change happen?

Moveworks will upgrade all customers to the new framework on the cutover date of Wed, Aug 23, 2023. Existing data for past dates won’t change; however, metric changes will manifest after the cutover date. The output of FEDS will be visible in the following:

What is the impact of this change?

This upgrade has little impact on metrics for the majority of Moveworks customers.

The Moveworks Data Science team analyzed over 2,000 core metrics across all customers and found that only 80 of 2,000 or 4% of metrics experienced a noticeable change, within a small, subset of customers. Overall, the metrics values are consistent between current and FEDS systems, including top-line metrics such as resolution and adoption.

Do you have additional questions?

If you were part of the small, subset of customers, you may be notified in advance by your Customer Success Manager. For additional questions, you can email [email protected] and the team will get back to you.