Control Center

Moveworks Control Center is a web application where Moveworks Admins can go to gain visibility into their Moveworks bot configuration. Through Control Center, admins can view user identity information, knowledge, and forms to troubleshoot common problems.

Control Center Modules

The Moveworks Control Center consists of three main modules:

  1. Users Module
  2. Forms Module
  3. Knowledge Module

In addition to the core modules, Moveworks Control Center supports Role-based access control (RBAC) to manage access based on the roles of individual users within an enterprise.


Q: Can admins add more admins for their org?

A: Yes. Org Admins can assign “Org Admin” permissions to other users

Q: Is there a maximum number of Org Admins?

A: There is no limit to the number of users who can be given Org admin permission.

Q: What happens if an Org Admin is deactivated?

A: Other Org Admins will ensure continuity. If no Org Admin is active, Customer Success will have to provision a new Org Admin.

Q: What is the difference between Available Articles and Enabled Articles? And why are some available articles disabled?

A: Available articles are all articles found in your system that has been ingested by the Moveworks bot. While Enabled articles are the available articles that are also able to be served to the user in-chat. There are many reasons why an article was ingested but has been disabled from being presented to users, some reasons include:

  • The article failed to be snippetized properly. Snippetizing is when the Moveworks bot divides an article into multiple snippets that can be used to answer questions by showing the user the relevant snippet in the the article.
  • An article was snippetized but the snippets were dropped due to formatting issues. If an article snippetized but the snippets are not useable, Moveworks ingestion will drop these snippets, and the article will not be enabled to be served to users.
  • The article is being directly blocked. Moveworks can manually disable certain articles from being served to users. Please reach out to our Customer Success Team if you would like to disable certain articles in your knowledge base, or you are wondering why an article has been disabled.

Q: How long does a session timeout for Control Center last?

A: A single login session is active for 7 days. If you are logged out, simply navigate to and sign in with your email address.