How to Enable Your Moveworks Copilot

Ready to enable the new Moveworks Copilot experience to all employees at your organization? We’ve created this document to provide a simple three-step plan to ensure all of your employees get to experience the enhanced capabilities of the Moveworks Copilot. This document includes a Copilot launch checklist, marketing materials, communication templates, and need to know information for your end users and your internal stakeholders.

Note: Questions throughout this process? Ask a peer or Moveworks Product Team member in our Moveworks Community. Have specific questions about your copilot’s configuration and individual enablement plan? Reach out to your Moveworks Customer Success team.

Copilot Launch Checklist

Use the checklist below to prepare for your Copilot launch. Remember to add additional activities, education, communications, or strategic initiatives to tailor your rollout to your organization’s needs.

Getting Started

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the Copilot

  • Read through the Introduction to Copilot
  • Watch the 10-minute Copilot demo
    Note: refer back to your acceptance email for links.
  • Register and join the Copilot Community
    Use our Community to:
    • Ask peers for ideas and guidance
    • Interact directly with our Product Team
    • Get updates about the Product
    • Request new product ideas or enhancements

Step 2: Get Prepared for Launch

  • Get sign off from your internal security stakeholders
    Use these Copilot Security resources
  • Prepare your own Copilot Demo to show off your bot internally
    Choose 3-5 use cases that you can show off to your own stakeholders
  • Ingest end user FAQs as a knowledge article to the Copilot
    See details below
  • Craft your Communication Strategy
    Moveworks can provide you with these marketing materials (more details below):
    • Copilot launch video
    • Copilot virtual poster
    • Bot-initiated onboarding messaging
    • Email launch announcement template for leadership to send

Step 3: Launch

  • Select the date / time to active Copilot for all of your end-users
    Coordinate this with your Moveworks CSM
  • Launch your Copilot!

Marketing Materials

Copilot Launch Video

One great way to raise awareness of your Copilot across your company is to include a short video in your internal marketing materials. The video can help:

  • Familiarize users with the Copilot as a workplace resource
  • Demonstrate a few of the skills (out of many) that your Copilot is capable of executing
  • Inform users of issues and requests with which the Copilot can assist
  • Supply best practices for interacting with the Copilot

Great news – our Moveworks team is here to help you create the video! Check out this adoption video deck and worksheet for next steps.

Virtual Poster

Another quick and easy way to familiarize your company with your Copilot is by including a virtual poster in your internal marketing materials. Check out this virtual poster template. You can use the template to create your own or reach out to your Moveworks CSM to have the Moveworks team customize it for you.

End User In-Bot FAQ

Use this FAQ template to create an internal knowledge base article. Integrate that article into your Copilot. After that, users can get the answers to those FAQs directly in the Copilot.

Communications Templates

Employee Comms Onboarding Message Template

Campaign Channel + Timing

In-bot communication through Employee Comms on the day you activate Copilot

Campaign Template

🎉 Meet the Next-Gen [BOT NAME]: Your fully conversational AI Copilot 🚀 Powered by Generative AI, [BOT NAME] is now more intuitive, efficient and knowledgeable than ever before!

What's New in [BOT NAME]? 

The Next-Gen [BOT NAME] features enhanced conversational abilities, fostering more natural and dynamic interactions through language. Let it seamlessly search, summarize, and create content for you within seconds. Need tasks done? [BOT NAME] can take action for you, from granting software access to getting an approval.

🤖✨ How to Get Started with [BOT NAME]? 
Try these questions to get started:

  • “Draft an email that I can share with my team about insurance coverage for business trips.”
  • “Who are my manager’s direct reports?”
    • Try asking a follow up question! “Where are all of them based?”
  • “How to use the Pivot Table in Excel?”

We hope you enjoy your Next-Gen [BOT NAME] experience!

Email Launch Announcement Template

Email Launch Announcement Template

Subject: Announcing the Next Gen [BOT NAME], Your GPT AI Copilot

Hi team,

[BOT NAME] is now powered by Generative AI.  🚀

As your fully conversational AI assistant, [BOT NAME] is now more intuitive, efficient and knowledgeable than ever before.

> Click here to say hi to [BOT NAME] in [CHAT PLATFORM]!

What’s new with [BOT NAME]?

  • A fully conversational experience: You can chat with [BOT NAME] like a real person. [BOT NAME] remembers your chat history, so you can ask follow-up questions and provide additional details.
  • 📓Generate content on the fly: Beyond seamlessly search and summarize, [BOT NAME] can help you turn this information into email, short messages, and more.
  • Citation and references: Access source articles and more details on a citation page.

What can [BOT NAME] do for you?

All your existing [BOT NAME] functionalities are still available and even more powerful. To name a few:

  • Seamlessly search, summarize, and create content, leveraging information from
  • Sharepoint, ServiceNow, as well as external help sites like Microsoft Support.
  • Flexibly look up a coworker’s information - contact number, manager, department, etc
  • Complete tasks on your behalf, like granting approvals, drafting an email, unlocking your account

How do I get started?

You can chat directly with [BOT NAME] in [CHAT PLATFORM] by clicking here. Get started with these example questions:

  • “Draft an email that I can share with my team about insurance coverage for business trips.”
  • “Who are my manager’s direct reports?”
    • Try asking a follow up question! “Where are all of them based?”
  • “Help me file a ticket to fix XYZ…”
  • To find out more about [BOT NAME] capabilities, simply ask “What can you do?”

Please direct questions or feedback about [BOT NAME] to [RELEVANT PLACE].


[CIO/IT Leader NAME]

2-week Employee Comms Drip Campaign Templates

Campaign Channel

In-bot notifications sent via the Moveworks Employee Communications platform. If you are not licensed for this product your Moveworks CSM can send them on your behalf.

Campaign Templates

Message 1: Follow up questions and context

Talk to me like your personal assistant!

I help you get to what you need faster, so you have time to focus on the real important things. Shoot me a question anytime! Remember, I remember our chat details, so you could ask follow-up questions, like “Who is Adam?”, and "Oh where is he based?" and I'll connect the dots. Let's keep the convo rolling! 🚀

Message 2: Things to try

Got a business trip coming up?

I got answers to your questions. Ask me about travel expenses, hotel and flights, and insurance coverage. To start, how about “How to submit a travel expense claim?”💡

Message 3: Creating content

Picture this: sifting through a lengthy document for key info.

Now, I can do it in a snap! Test me with, "Craft an email draft sharing [COMPANY] benefits with my new hire, Charles!" 📧✨

Message 4: Steer the Copilot responses/Recoverability

Didn’t get what you were looking for the first time?

Don’t give up yet! While I'm not perfect, I'm great at adjusting. I can incorporate your feedback in my next try. If my first try doesn't hit the mark, keep talking to me to provide more details!. I thrive on your feedback, so don't hesitate to speak up! 🚀

Message 5: Unsupported Capabilities

I've got some superpowers, but I do have limits.

I can dive into your organization's resources but can't surf the open internet. Real-time data on weather and stocks isn't in my toolbox. I'm not flawless, but I give it my all. Curious about my capabilities? Just ask, "What can you do?" 👊💡