Concur Approvals Access Requirements


Use this document for instructions on how to get the access setup in place for the Moveworks Expense Approvals integration with Concur.

Docs for reference:


Refresh token expiration:

For security Concur company refresh tokens expire every 6 months & the customer will have to provide Moveworks with the new Company Request Token every 6 months. Moveworks team will then use the new Request Token to generate another valid Refresh token for the next 6 months.


Moveworks will be authenticating into your Concur system via the Company Request Token Method. This lets us generate a 1-time Company Request Token (valid for 24 hours) followed by refreshable access tokens which we’ll use to authenticate any interactions.

Pre-requisites: Customer must have access to the Web-Service tool in Concur.

Process Walkthrough

  1. Create a new OAuth 2.0 App with the required scopes.

    1. Navigate to OAuth 2.0 Application Management under Authentication Admin

    2. Client Create New App

    3. Fill in the following details:

      1. App Name: Moveworks Integration Application
      2. App Type: Client
      3. App Description: Moveworks uses this application to provide Concur expenses support into your native chat platform
      4. Allowed Grants: refresh_token, password, & client_credentials
      5. Allowed Scopes: openid, EXPRPT,, expense-report.readwrite,, &
    4. ❗Note down the generated Client ID & Client Secret

  2. Create a Company Request Token (which we’ll be using to authenticate into our application created above)

    1. Navigate to Company Request Token under Authentication Admin

    2. Now Paste the Client ID into the App ID & hit submit.

    3. ❗Note down the Company UUID & Company Request Token

Requirements: Please share the Client Id, Client Secret, Company UUID & Company Request Token with your Moveworks Customer Success team.