Moveworks for HR

What is Moveworks for HR?

Moveworks for HR is a suite of capabilities that enable employees to get support for their human resources (HR) related issues, building upon the Moveworks platform and extending it to deliver instant personalized resolution and acceleration of HR cases - no matter where your employees are or what language they speak.

Moveworks for HR Core Capabilities

HR Answers

Deliver personalized HR support instantly by serving up the correct HR knowledge directly within chat. Moveworks leverages your existing knowledge bases and ensures that employees can easily find the most relevant content for their question - while respecting permissions and access rules.

HR Concierge

Accelerate HR case management by filing, commenting, and checking the status of tickets in chat. Moveworks routes tickets to the right assignment group - so that employees don’t need to worry about reaching the right team.

Moveworks can support several HR case management platforms, even if IT and HR are using different ticketing platforms, and we are continuing to add more ticketing integrations every month. Get in touch with your customer success team to find out more!

HR Forms

With HR Forms, your Moveworks bot will help employees find the relevant HR forms to resolve their HR issues & requests. Moveworks leverages your existing catalog items to enable users to submit their requests in a structured format, and kick off automations, leading to faster resolution of HR cases. Moveworks helps users:

  • Find the most relevant form(s) related to their request
  • Help them fill out the form by providing a native chat experience.

To learn more about the Moveworks Forms skill see our Forms guide.

HR Approvals

With HR Approvals, your Moveworks bot will accelerate approval requests by routing approvals in chat. Moveworks follows your business processes and ensures that requests get the attention they need timely, so that employees can keep moving and making progress on the things that matter most to them. Moveworks supports a variety of approval integrations with systems like Workday, SAP Fieldglass, and many more.

HR Analytics

With HR Analytics, your organization will receive rich analytics to allow you to understand the impact of the Moveworks bot, and close gaps in HR knowledge gaps. You can see what your employees are asking for, and ensure that your teams make the right investments to improve self-service with timely, and accurate information.

Moveworks Platform Capabilities supporting HR

Customizable Handoffs

Moveworks provides a flexible and powerful way to ensure that employees get guided to the most appropriate support channel - email, phone, slack channel, etc - if the bot can’t provide them with the assistance they need.

Multi-language Support

Moveworks understands, responds, and translates 100+ languages, within Chat and web. This includes on-the-fly translation of English KB articles and Forms to the user's preferred language. With multi-language support, all your employees now have access to your resources in their own language - instantly.

Creator Studio [Add-on product]

Using Creator Studio, you can now build custom integrations with any HR system to:

  • Enable employees to look up information from chat, using Queries
  • Guide employees through a tailored flow to enable them to identify the best option for resolving their issue, using Paths
  • Proactively alert and remind employees about tasks, deadlines and updates, using Events

With Creator Studio, the possibilities are endless. Visit our Creator Studio Documentation to learn more about how you can extend Moveworks to integrate any HR use case with any system of your choice, such as Workday, ADP and many more.

Employee Communications [Add-on product]

With Employee Communications, your organization can send targeted HR Communications to employee cohorts through your Moveworks bot. Create chat optimized campaigns that will drive employee action, with automated reminders per campaign, quick survey functionality, and real time engagement analytics, you can easily track effectiveness of campaigns through Moveworks Employee Communications.